“Today the best candidate rarely gets the job. Often they don’t often even get an interview. The best CVs get the interviews and the best of them at interviewing gets the job. Every time.

We help you quickly up your game to get any job you want.”

– Jamie Anderson

Who We Are

Welcome to The CV Gurus.

If you are looking for personalised expert help to get ahead of the competition and secure your next role you’re in the right place. Jamie can help you: 

  • Get The Interview (with great CV Writing)
  • Ace The Interview (with first rate Interview Coaching) 
  • Improve your Career Story (join a Free Webinar)
  • Maximise Career Chances (with our Packages)

Meet The CV Gurus

The CV Gurus is a new business setup by recruitment veteran  Jamie Anderson (me =) to use his insider knowledge and experience to help people across the UK and across sectors to get a great job and a better life.

It’s born from a passion for helping people to get great roles that fit their life and ambitions and in doing so helping their families, their new employers and society into the bargain. Jamie has now reviewed 1,500,000 plus CVs, and co-written or written thousands over years of working with people just like you to give them the edge in winning through an increasingly competitive job market. 

We will help you to ace the interviews your great new CV lands you too.

You can be sure that we know what works and what doesn’t, in CVs and interviews, and with this we can make significant improvements quickly to help you land that dream job, whatever it may be. 

We have already helped thousands of people to successfully move jobs, get into work or even change career paths across a broad range of professions, throughout the UK and beyond. 

It is this passion for helping people to do what they are great at that led Jamie to form CV Gurus to offer you great advice at extraordinary value.

For just £50 per hour we can help you achieve your career potential, and likely add £10,000s to your career earnings.

For just £50 per hour we can help you achieve your career potential, and likely add £10,000s to your career earnings.

CV Writing usually takes 2 hours and Interview Coaching 3 hours but it’s totally up to you. For just £250 we can make you a super-candidate and transform your career prospects.  

Meet Jamie Anderson

Working as a London headhunter for over fifteen years I’ve helped thousands of people find rewarding roles in many industries and locations, and have loved doing it.

But the careers game has changed, and not for the better.

Sadly today the way that recruitment works today means that agency & company recruiters have ever less time to work with you and ever less incentive to help individual candidates.

“Spray and Pray” is the dominant way today.

So The CV Gurus is my way to get back to helping real people get great jobs and achieve the life and careers they want.

That’s why we offer a personal expert service that works for all.

Our services are designed to be fast, effective and affordable and draw on tens of thousands of interview processes in a multitude of firms here in the UK and all over the world. Including some of the most selective firms on earth such as McKinsey & Co, BCG, Rolls Royce, Mars and Lloyd’s of London.

We can’t make you more qualified – but everything else about getting a job we can get you better at, quickly, efficiently and affordably, so you can get the best job and salary for you.


In an increasingly digital world we offer a service of real people with great experience giving you practical help to succeed.

CV Writing

CV Writing is a skill. With experience and practice anyone can write a winning CV but as most people write one or two every few years most never develop this critical career skill.

The CV Gurus team are first and foremost CV Writers and Jamie alone has written or co-written over 8,000 CVs across fifteen years as a careers consultant.

With the amazing content we will help you identify and develop and our CV writing skills you will be getting interviews you never thought possible.  

… And we are fast too. Once we have your best content we generally turn around a CV refresh in two days and a rewrite in three. 

Interview Coach

Having coached thousands of people through tens of thousands of interviews and attended hundreds personally and seen the outcome I can tell you that the best candidate rarely gets the job.

Instead the best CVs get the interviews and the best person at interviewing gets the job.

Like writing your CV the prep and the approach you take in interviews are skills. They’re career critical skills but sadly ones that our education system all too often overlooks or mis-teaches.

Jamie & The CV Gurus have taught hundreds of people these skills, adding millions of combined pounds to their salaries and empower many to get jobs that they wouldn’t have imagined possible – dream jobs.

We can teach you too. Quickly and affordably. 

Improving Your Career Story

Putting this all together is the hard part, but where the most improvement in your career can happen. This is our specialty.

  1. We help you identify and develop the winning material from your own career
  2. We use that to build you a great CV
  3. We train you to use both at interview to show future employers the very best of you

By working with us for your whole career search we can create a complete and compelling story from CV to New Job via Interviews that will unlock your true career potential.

We can’t make you an astronaught, but we can help you secure a job you might have hesitated to apply for a month ago.

Have a look at our Packages for more.



Anyone can improve their chances in a job search by working on two things: their CV to win more interviews and their interview technique to win more offers.

We simply help you show your best and outshine the rest.


As industry insiders we share simple but powerful ways to quickly up your game... with our help and a bit of work.

We work with you to identify and build up your best or most relevant career highlights then show you how to best use them to get the right job.


In an careers world that is increasingly reliant on AI and algorithms we aim to put the personal touch, and people, back at the centre.

It's often said and very true that people hire people. We simply want to help real people get great jobs and better lives.