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After a long career in recruitment I’ve reviewed 1.5 to 2 million CVs and what I have learned is that Content is King.

So here are some thoughts to help you get together that great content that will land you more interviews than your current CV does. Those characteristics and successes that show a future employer your true capabilities in a great light. With that we can begin to shape a CV that will carry you forward to new and better work and likely more pay too.

So let’s take it step by step.

All Killer no Filler

In todays always on world of instant communications we all need to make our points succinctly. How many times has your phone buzzed or a message beeped since you started reading this? Are you already wondering if it was important? The person reviewing CVs for your dream job is in exactly that boat.

So for Killer Content we need short, sharp impactful sentences. This captures and holds attention. It shows you are a clear communicator. It also means that someone will read more of your story before that urgent matter pops up than the next candidate’s because you’ve distilled it for them and presented it clearly at the top of the page to make sure it lands quickly.

The second part of this aspect is No Filler. Pull up your current CV now and quickly go through from bottom to top highlighting only the definite killer content in green and the certain filler stuff in red. Go ahead it only takes two minutes – I’ll wait here just come back when you’re done. So what have you got there? Most people have 20-40% green and the same amount red.

Anything not highlighted is probably Filler too.

When I do this exercise with clients at my CV Writing firm THEcvgurus.co.uk it is rare to start out with as little as 60% Filler. But I can guarantee you that those with 40% Killer get twice as many quality interviews as those with 20%.

Successes – aka “What I’m Most Proud Of”

Always a good thing to have in a CV you probably agree. But is this the first element on your current CV or is it buried? And even if it is front and centre are you fully owning that pride for it? Maybe you should.

Lets take three examples. Which two would you interview and which would you be most excited to meet.

I am an enthusiastic and accurate clerk with good references from my ten years across three leading companies and am driven by a desire to learn and improve.

Candidate A

Over ten years as a clerk my proudest moment was when the MD of UK Plc Sales chose me as their personal clerk after just three months. They said at my first review “Candidate B’s accuracy and enthusiasm has undoubtedly saved the business tens of thousands of pounds in lost time.” If you’d like a more detailed reference their details are below.

Candidate B

Clerking puts my organised and detail focused traits to good business use and I thrive in a busy and deadline driven environment. I’ve been fortunate to work with and under many great clerks as well as Directors and have learned how to do a good job consistently with minimum input from management.

Candidate C

I hope these rough fictitious examples show before we even get to questions of style (first or third person? one page or two, or three? should I put a photo on there?) that content is key. Stories. Better yet relatable or even better still referenceable stories, can make your experience connect and win you the interview.

Making it Personal: “People Hire People”

“People Hire People.” You hear it every time you discuss someone moving jobs. It’s an altruism, because it’s true. Just ask anyone who hires people!

Yet too often people write and send out CVs that make them sound like unemotional robots with one line called ‘Interests & Hobbies” at the bottom. In todays world with software and robots literally taking peoples jobs I’d argue that this is doubly a mistake!

Show some pride, some enthusiasm, passion or even original thinking, (appropriate) creativity, style or humour!

There are few things that will make your CV stand out in a stack more – and even less to stand out in a way you’d want to!

Panning for Your Career Gold

Ever hear the phrase “that’s CV gold?” Well if your friend wasn’t joking that’s probably the first thing to write on a blank white sheet of paper in this exercise.

A great way to get the content for your CV is simply this: sit down in a quiet place with a glass of something you enjoy, turn your phone on silent and go through your career writing down anything that was noteworthy. If it was a huge success – write it down. If it was a funny situation – write it down. If it was a massive failure – write it down. If you learned something – write it down then underline it. If it got you fired – leave it off.

You can read a more detailed account of this powerful prep process in my Article “The #1 Interview Transformer: Panning For Gold

Putting it All Together

Building a great CV, like cooking a great meal, is one part great skill and one part great ingredients. This article can help with the latter but developing the skill of writing great CVs takes years. That’s where my business The CV Gurus comes in. We help you get your Killer Content together and work with you to form that into a Winning CV in your style targeted specifically at your career goals. It’s very affordable and can add £10,000s to your career earnings.

Why not book a Free session with me today to find out how we can help you? Just visit THEcvgurus.co.uk/freesession. It’s that simple.

Thanks for Reading

I hope you found this article useful or interesting and if you did I would strongly encourage you to do the exercise above for yourself. Having a good CV ready for when opportunity knocks is a winning career strategy.

If you have found something of interest here please do share it on and if you have questions I look forward to answering them in the comments.

For more articles like this head over to THEcvgurus.co.uk/blog and I hope to hear from you when next you are looking for a Killer CV.

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