The Most Effective Interview Approach: Simple And Powerful

Panning for Gold: Read on to learn the approach to interviews that will up your game more than anything else

Here I am sharing my #1 technique to add tens of thousands to your career earnings, for free. While simple it is incredibly powerful and best of all it works wonders in ALL interviews. To find out how best to put it to use in maximizing your career book a free session with me as soon as you’ve finished reading at .

What’s the trick?

No trick. All that’s needed is some clear focused thought and time spent reflecting on your career, your life and where you want both to go. People don’t hire staff, they hire people – so this approach uses that universal truth to tip the odds in your favour. All it requires is two bits of work on your behalf ahead of any interview. The great thing is though that the work you do for one interview pays off equally well across you entire current job search.

As discussed in my Post on CV Writing [why not read that one afterwards here] we all have some magic moments that shaped our careers – and indeed us as people. Be it something you learned that made you better or more effective, a great project, a change to your outlook or a tough time that you made the best of and came out better for. These are the experiences and developments that make us who we are. They are personal and they are real, so they are interesting. They are also memorable and engaging so sharing them will make you an attractive potential colleague.

Step One: Panning for Gold

To find your career gold my clients find the best method is as follows:

  1. Fix yourself your favourite beverage
  2. Sit down somewhere peaceful with blank paper and a pen
  3. Turn off your phone, TV, radio, laptop and pager
  4. Using a fresh page for each role or education period jot down in brief what happened. Not just ‘the gold,’ everything you remember.
  5. Include what went well, badly, where you improved, what you enjoyed and interesting all the stories
  6. Feel free to jump back and forth in time as things come back to you
  7. Keep going until you run dry
  8. Put it away and don’t think about it for at least an hour
  9. Come back and try again with a fresh mind (and drink!)
  10. Put it away and relax

Step Two: Picking & Polishing Up the Nuggets

  1. Come back to your notes a day or two later with a fresh eye
  2. Go through and select the most interesting ones or ones that tell a story about why you’re a great person to hire or work with
  3. Type out each as a heading on a fresh document (don’t add to your CV)
  4. Revisit each and type up the detail of what happened, what made it important and what you learned as well as how you felt
  5. And finally go through the whole lot and put them in order of best to least useful in interviewing for the job you want.

What have you Got?

With this done you now have an excellent stock of material to use in interviews that is more personal and as such great at engaging your interviewers. By using this alongside your material on skills and education and career development and such you will make a better impression.

How to Use that Gold?

This is the tricky part! How to use this and other material in interviews to maximise your impact and engage the interviewer/s as people is a major topic. Whole books have be written on this subject but interviewing is a skill not a true subject so books don’t help for the majority. Worse still as a skill develops with use and training and you only interview for short intense periods across a career. As a career advisor and interview coach I spend most of my time each week teaching and coaching people to improve their interview skills and I’m still finding new ways to develop this critical, career defining skill.

Visit my website at to find out how I can help you maximise your chances at interview through developing this skill. If you have already Panned for your Career Gold then all the better as I can train you how to use it most effectively. Book a free intro session today to discuss how we can do this together.

Thanks for Reading

I hope you found this article useful or interesting and if you did I would strongly encourage you to do the exercise above for yourself. An investment of a few hours here can pay literal dividends and it is all useful stuff whether you are currently looking for a career move or not.

If you have found something of interest here please do share it on and if you have questions I look forward to answering them in the comments.

For more articles like this head over to and I hope to hear from you when next you are looking for a career move.

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