Introducing a New British CV Writing & Interview Coaching firm: The CV Gurus =)

After too long spent wrestling with WordPress and other tech matters I still have a lot to learn about I am pleased to say that my new website The CV Gurus is finally ready to launch. At least I hope so!

What Is It?

The CV Gurus is a vehicle for me to continue providing world-class CV Writing and Interview Coaching services as well as providing independent career advice to those who can find it. In addition we offer seminars on CV Writing and Interview prep and technique to educators’ outgoing students and to firms’ outgoing redundancies where desired.

Furthermore for companies (or people) hiring people we (currently just I) also offer training in how to interview candidates and also a hiring process design service.

Why Is It?

The CV Gurus is one veteran headhunter / recruiter’s response to the growing automation and creeping dehumanisation of the process of hiring good people. Today and even in five years time I firmly believe that people and therefore good businesses (will) still hire people – people they want to work with and can see have the potential and skills they need to create value.

This then is a vehicle to employ my 15 years experience in the careers world to help people looking for a job to get past the gatekeepers – be they human or electronic – and to get their full quality across at in their CV and then at interview to secure the jobs they want. By extension this then helps businesses hire the best candidate rather than the best CV writer or interviewee, adding value for them and then by extension to the wider economy.

The core philosophy is that with a better CV anyone will get more interviews and with an improved interview technique they will pass more interviews. Both of these are valuable but rarely used skills that can be honed and learned. With The CV Gurus help people can get the best jobs they are capable of doing rather than being held back by their CV Writing or interview capabilities.

How Do We Do It?

At The CV Gurus we use simple but powerful techniques that anyone can employ to up their job-hunting game but which you don’t learn at school, Uni or in your average career.

I have honed these methods over years of finding good people great jobs at discerning firms. This includes preparing very good candidates for assessment by some of the worlds most selective employers. Particularly the likes of McKinsey & Co. and BCG – two of the top three consulting firms in the world.

These techniques are not a magic bullet that can make you an interview ace by explaining a few secrets. That simply doesn’t exist. Our clients need to work to develop their ‘career gold’ (see this article for an explainer). They will put in more hours on their own than they spend with us and our work is helping them to quickly and accurately find that ‘career gold’ and how best to put it to use.

This approach is highly effective and is how we are able to have such a huge impact for you at such a low cost. Unlike most firms in this field we charge a flat fee per hour (see the website for more on this).

Who Do We Do It For?

Currently we still mainly work directly with people looking for jobs, but we also partner with two specialist executive search firms to assist very senior candidates of theirs prepare for rigorous selection processes. I am also currently working with a couple of British Schools and Universities to offer a set of seminars to some of their A levels & MSc graduates to help them get the best start to their careers, which is refreshing and rewarding. I would love to do more of this and an exciting new development is working with a major British Plc to help groups facing redundancy to increase their re-employability. Please do get in touch if you are interested to explore any of these ideas.

And as for the training on how to conduct interviews and the hiring process design work the companies I have worked with so far are quite diverse (and covered by NDAs). I can say that they range from specialist design and engineering firms to a division of a global Tech giant and a leading UK Accounting & Audit business.

How Can The CV Gurus Help You?

With a broad range of expertise and services we can help job-seekers and different business in a variety of ways:

  • Job-seekers with CV Writing, Interview Coaching & Independent Career Advice
  • Universities, Colleges, Schools & Educators with the same services for your students – usually in seminar format for groups of c.30 participants
  • Recruitment firms with CV Writing & Interview Coaching to enhance your candidates’ prospects
  • Businesses & Organisations with Hiring Process Design / Advisory & training for your interviewers on How to Interview
  • Firms Making Redundancies with Re-Employability seminars to assist those valued staff being let go with their onward careers forward

Book Your Free Consultation Today at

We can’t wait to hear from you. Let’s book a consultation soon so we can see how we can help improve your career story.

And Finally… We’re Green

The CV Gurus are proud to be a modern Green British enterprise. It has always and will always run entirely on renewable energy and all of our current and future staff volunteer their time and expertise to help environmental causes as the most effective form of carbon-offsetting. We also commit to support and champion other truly Green business where we can.

Protecting the environment is critical in maximising everyone’s career prospects in the medium term and The CV Gurus will always do considerably more than ‘our bit.’

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