New: Free Webinar Every Wednesday Evening! Improve Your Career Story

The CV Gurus are pleased to announce our new weekly Webinar. Free of charge!

In the time of Covid competition for good jobs is only ever going to increase. This session helps you to stay ahead of the pack.

In response to recent client feedback we are now offering a weekly one hour webinar to help you develop your ‘career gold’ – the killer content that will shape your improved CV and future interviews.

Better yet it is completely free.

Who is it For?

Anyone who is serious about improving their CV or Interview game.

This webinar helps anyone to find and shape up those great moments in their career or lives that will show future employers what you’re capable of. We all have them but rarely do we collect them all together and polish them up. That’s exactly what anyone looking for a new job should be doing to maximise their CV content and so chances of gaining an interview, and also the same work improves our chances of passing that interview considerably.

Register now as places are limited!

What is It?

Jamie Anderson of The CV Gurus will host you on a Zoom session to share a series of simple but powerful tips and techniques to find your personal career highlights that show you in the best light to potential employers. After that we will go through how exactly you can shape them up to be as impactful as possible and forma resource you can draw on in an interview or in your general career.

Zoom is a very accessible and free video meeting app that works on smartphones, tablets and computers. You don’t need to show your video if you don’t want to but the app allows us to easily share documents, examples and links. You can also dial in via any phone but in doing so will miss the more interactive digital content.

When is it?

7pm Wednesdays for the next 10 weeks.

To register follow this link and select your preferred date from the dropdown at the top.

Places are limited so why not do that now?

What Do I need to Prepare?

Good question! You can certainly come along without any preparation but to get the most out of it complete the process I call ‘panning for gold’ that is outlined in this article. It takes a few hours to do well, but even spending an hour on it prior to the session will mean that you have something personal to work with and will get a lot ore out of it.

See this article for more about ‘panning for gold’ – as in going back and finding the highlights reel of your professional career.

What Will I Gain?

“Killer” career content.

At the end of the session those who’ve done the prep will have refined several of their top career highlights into impactful bite sized stories they can use forever more in their CVs and at interview to get a better job faster.

Everyone will have the tools and techniques to quickly and efficiently find and develop their own career nuggets of gold. This is the basic material we use in all of our CV writing and Interview coaching in empowering you to get a better job, even your dream job.

Taking It a Step Further?

If you’d like help in turning your career gold into a great CV that wins better interviews, or would like to quickly up your interview game to pass more of the interviews you already get, or both, The CV Gurus is affordable and highly effective.

For just £100 we can enhance your CV and coach you to comfortably pass interviews you’d currently struggle in. This will add £10,000s to your total career income.

For £250 we can transform your career game completely and get you to the top of the CV pile and passing interviews you never thought you could get.

If you’d like to explore how The CV Gurus can help you get the career you deserve book a free no-commitment consultation with us today.

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