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Our methodology is to help you develop great content for your CV and Interview then use our experience and expertise to put it all together to show the best you possible to future employers. 

After all, you’re the expert on you and your career.

We call this developing your “Career Gold” and it’s how we deliver great results for our clients. All of the services below include guidance
through this process, to a greater or lesser extent, except for the ‘Major CV Upgrade’ and ‘Get the Offer’ packages to make them more affordable.

We offer Free Consultations & Webinar so you can try before you buy and we’re so confident that our Stellar CVs will transform your career prospects that we even offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

So what are you waiting for?

Whether you’re able to invest a little or a lot in your career development at this moment Jamie of The CV Gurus will transform your long-term prospects along with your immediate ones, and we know that all of the services listed below will add thousands to your total career earnings. 

The more comprehensive services will naturally add more but these are some of the best investment returns you’ll ever see given that they improve your career and your income so we hope there is something that suits for you.  

If not we are very happy to make a bespoke package so do call to discuss.  

This is the package if you want to Improve your Career Story to take you as far as possible and it is very effective.

Whether your already a senior professional or just starting out this is the option that will add the most to your total career earnings and fly higher than you otherwise would.

= All the above plus even deeper Career Gold development enabling bespoke CV & Interview work in more depth + a clear practical plan of how to carry this forward to maximise all future career moves – internal and external

Whatever your field, experience and ambitions we can maximise your chances of landing your Dream Job:

Jamie will work very closely with you to develop your capabilities, resources and skills in targetting either a specific job, company or role move. In addition to all the above elements this will also include a specific interview strategy tailored to both you and the target role/s AND developing a compelling personal career narrative that will put you in the mix for even the most competitive hiring selection processes. We will also brief and debrief with you for every interview.

Taken together these comprehensive elements will maximise your chances of securing your dream job.

= Stellar CV + Interview Ace + Tailored Interview Strategy + Covering Letter + Extensive Career Gold Development + Close expert support throughout Interview process

Whether you’re looking for the next step or changing tracks, a bigger salary or closer to home, this package has everything you need to secure a Great New Job quickly and efficiently. We will work with you to rapidly improve all the elements needed to land you a great job – starting with developing your “Career Gold,” then turning that into a winning Stellar CV before our more extensive Interview Ace Training fully prepares you to pass any interview.

* We recommend you engage with us on this at the start of your search wherever possible.

= Stellar CV + Guidance Developing your “Career Gold” + Interview Ace + Interview Strategy + Covering Letter

An affordable practical route to getting you more interviews and passing more of them, quickly:

You get a Major CV Upgrade plus our truly first class Interview Ace Coaching for a truly great price. Very popular with students, graduates and people out of work – a real game-changer.

= Major CV Upgrade (as below) + Interview Ace Coaching (NB – no “Career Gold” services included)

We expertly guide you in developing your best career content, your “Career Gold,” then use our decades of CV Writing experience to show the best of you to future employers.

Because we believe this is the best CV Writing service available we back it with a 100% satisfaction guarantee =)

Our entry level service brings the same care and expertise, quickly transforming your career prospects with a much more effective CV. Whilst we can add a limited amount of new content for the full “Career Gold” standard service have a look at the Stellar CV option above.

We will rapidly redesign and upgrade your existing CV to get you more Interviews or interviews for better jobs.

Stellar CV Writing

CV Writing is a skill. With experience and practice anyone can write a winning CV but as most people write one or two every few years most never develop this critical career skill.

The CV Gurus team are first and foremost CV Writers and Jamie alone has written or co-written over 8,000 CVs across fifteen years as a careers consultant.

With the amazing content we will help you identify and develop and our CV writing skills you will be getting interviews you never thought possible.  

… And we are fast too. Once we have your best content we generally turn around a CV refresh in two days and a rewrite in three. 

Interview Ace

Having coached thousands of people through tens of thousands of interviews and attended hundreds personally and seen the outcome I can tell you that the best candidate rarely gets the job.

Instead the best CVs get the interviews and the best person at interviewing gets the job.

Like writing your CV the prep and the approach you take in interviews are skills. They’re career critical skills but sadly ones that our education system all too often overlooks or mis-teaches.

Jamie & The CV Gurus have taught hundreds of people these skills, adding millions of combined pounds to their salaries and empower many to get jobs that they wouldn’t have imagined possible – dream jobs.

We can teach you too. Quickly and affordably. 

Improving Your Career Story

Putting this all together is the hard part, but where the most improvement in your career can happen. This is our specialty.

  1. We help you identify and develop the winning material from your own career
  2. We use that to build you a great CV
  3. We train you to use both at interview to show future employers the very best of you

By working with us for your whole career search we can create a complete and compelling story from CV to New Job via Interviews that will unlock your true career potential.

We can’t make you an astronaught, but we can help you secure a job you might have hesitated to apply for a month ago.

Have a look at our Packages for more.


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